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How does the Green Deal UK Scheme work?

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The Green Deal is an innovative financing mechanism that lets people pay for some of the cost of energy-efficiency improvements through savings on their energy bills.

How does the Green Deal UK Scheme work?

The Green Deal UK Scheme can effectively be split into four main stages:

1. Green Deal Assessment

A Green Deal Advisor will visit your property in order to identify just what energy efficiency improvements could be of most benefit to you. They also be able to offer impartial advice on just how the repayments will work and which of our recommendations are likely to be most cost effective. The Green Deal Advisor must declare if they have links to Green Deal Providers during your green Deal assessment.  Please CLICK HERE to receive contact from a fully approved Green Deal Advisor company.

2. Green Deal Finance

Once you have your report you will need to find an approved Green Deal Provider who can arrange and fund the improvements. Do not forget that Green Deal finance is a loan repayable by using the saving you make by installing recommended energy efficinet Green Deal measures. You repay the Green Deal finance loan via your electricity bill and the loan is repayable up to 25 years. If you do decide to go ahead with the improvements outlined in your report, you will be asked to sign a Green Deal Plan which is basically a contract between you and your chosen approved Green Deal Provider (Green Deal reports are fully portable - shop around for the best deals from Green Deal Providers). Please CLICK HERE to receive contact from fully approved Green Deal Provider companies.

3. Green Deal Installation

Along with your chosen your approved Green Deal Provider an approved Green Deal Installer will arrange a suitable time with you to come and carry out the work you have agreed to in your Green Deal Plan. Please CLICK HERE to receive contact from fully approved Green Deal Installer companies.

There are many are accredited/approved Green Deal Assessors and Advisors and Green Deal Installers and are able to access Green Deal Providers to arrange the finance. Please visit www.GreenDealORB.co.uk for a full approved list (Please note that Green Deal Scheme Ltd are not Green Deal approved advisors, providers or installers.  We do not perform the Green Deal advice report, provide Green Deal finance or install any Green Deal improvements)

4: Green Deal Repayment

You will only pay back the cost of your improvements over time through savings on your energy bill. Your energy supplier will pass on details of your payments to your approved Green Deal Provider . Note: The amount you pay back may more than what you save on your bill after the improvements have been installed depending on what energy measures you have had installed

The way the Green Deal Finance is arranged means this is not the same as a conventional loan. The charges are attached to your property so, if you move out, the new occupant will pick up the charge whilst also benefitting from a more energy efficient property.

Although interest is charged on these payments, the rate is fixed and you will be shown a full schedule of repayments before you are asked to sign up to your Green Deal Plan.

What is eligible for upgrade with Green Deal?

There are over 45 energy efficiency measures that have been approved to receive funding under the Green Deal

Please note that you may have to pay towards certain measures that do not meet the "Green Deal Golden Rule" (please ask your approved Green Deal Advisor company info on the Golden Rule)

Where can I get more information on the Green Deal?

If you need impartial information on how the Green Deal will benefit you can call Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234

To receive no obligation contact from an approved Green Deal Provider please CLICK HERE

  • Green Deal Finance is a loan but is NOT like a personal loan - the Green Deal Finance debt will be attached to the property's electricity bill. If you move house, repayments for the Green Deal finance will be recouped, by instalments, from a charge on the new occupier's electricity bill - after all, the new owner will also be benefiting from the work you have had done.

How Do I Apply for the Green Deal UK Scheme?

 Step 1 of the Green Deal UK scheme:

Book a Green Deal Assessment by a Green Deal Advisor

Green Deal Advisor will perform a Green Deal Assessment on your home or business property. The Green Deal Assessment may be performed at little or no upfront cost you. Based on your current lifestyle / energy usage the Green Deal Advisor will be able to give impartial Green Deal Advice and recommendations. After Green Deal Advice has been given the Green Deal Advisor will produce a Green Deal Report. All inital Green Deal advice given by the Green Deal Advisor MUST be impartial.

(Please be advised that some companies charge a fee. The fee may be in the region of £99 - £160+. Some Green Deal approved companies will refund this cost if you proceed with your Green Deal via them - please always check costs and conditions before booking an assessment with your Green Deal Advisor.

Your Green Deal Plan will then be created. Green Deal energy efficient improvements are said to include: Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solid wall insulation, floor insulation, draught proofing, boiler upgrades, double glazing, solar water panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps (note: some improvements may have to be part funded by you if they do not meet the "Green Deal Golden Rule" ) There will be a 24 hour cooling off period before you sign up for any Green Deal plan.

To find an approved Green Deal Advisor company please CLICK HERE

Step 2 of the Green Deal UK scheme:

Instruct a Green Deal Provider

 It is said that based on your Green Deal Report a Green Deal Plan will be formulated. You will have a  cooling off period. If you wish to continue with your Green Deal Plan then you can instruct a Green Deal Provider. Your Green Deal Plan is fully portable - you can choose your own Green Deal Provider, you DO NOT have to use your present electricity suppliers as a Green Deal Provider - shop around for your best deals. It is the role of the Green Deal Provider to give you access to up to approx. £10,000 (or more) of Green Deal Finance (do not forget that Green Deal fiance is a loan). The Green Deal Provider will help you understand how the Green Deal Finance will work for you, how your home or business property will qualify the Green Deal Finance and how it will be paid back. 

Please note that Green Deal Scheme Ltd are not Green Deal approved and therefore can not offer Green deal finance directly to you. All companies that we may refer you to are fully Green Deal Approved and certified. We advise that you always ask every Green Deal Provider if there will be any set up costs, early repayment charges and if there any annual fees for your Green Deal Finance - again, shop around as these may differ between Green Deal Providers.

To find a fully approved Green Deal Provider please CLICK HERE

Step 3 of the Green Deal UK scheme:

Instruct a Green Deal Installer

Once your Green Deal Provider has your Green Deal Finance in place a Green Deal Installer can then be instructed. Your Green Deal Plan is fully portable - you can select your own Green Deal Installer, although some Green Deal Providers may insist you use their Green Deal Installers to gain from their specific discounts etc. The Green Deal Installer will fit the pre-agreed Green Deal energy efficiency recommendations, in accordance with your Green Deal Plan. The Green Deal Installer will be paid directly by the Green Deal Provider using your Green Deal Finance.

(Please note that Green Deal Scheme Ltd are not Green Deal approved and therefore cannot install any measures via the Green Deal But all companies we may refer you to are fully approved Green Deal InstallersTo find a fully approved Green Deal Installers please CLICK HERE

We try to ensure all the information on this Green Deal website is current, but for the latest information on the Green Deal please go to DECC website CLICK HERE

DECC Green Deal Quick Guide - CLICK HERE

For impartial Green Deal Advice please call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 (please note that this Green Deal UK website is not in any way connected with the Energy Saving Advice Service)

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  • Take your time in making a decision - If you are promised a 'special discount' or 'time limited' offer don't be tempted to sign up straightaway. Shop around with different businesses to make sure you get a good deal. Remember: you can ask a salesperson to leave your home at any time.
  • Double check the facts - Check the product is suitable for your home, whether you are eligible for any grants towards the cost of installation, and the basis of any claims about potential energy savings or benefits. Only agree to go ahead if you're entirely satisfied.
  • Know what you are signing - Check whether you are signing a contract or just agreeing to a survey or a quote. Give yourself enough time to read all the paperwork, and ask questions if you are unclear about anything. Don't sign if you are unsure about doing so.
  • Know your cancellation rights - Where you buy on your doorstep or in your home and you spend more than £35, you usually have seven calendar days to change your mind and cancel, and can get back any money you have already paid, including a deposit - the 'cooling off' period. The cooling off period starts on the day you are given your written cancellation notice by the salesperson. Think carefully before you agree to any work starting during the cooling off period - you can still cancel but may have to pay a reasonable amount.
  • Know your rights if things go wrong - Make sure you know what you can do if things go wrong. Contact Citizens Advice for information and advice on your legal rights.

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